St. Louis CITY SC and SoccerBible are proud to launch a commemorative publication called “Inaugural”, documenting the rise of Major League Soccer’s newest expansion team.

It’s rare to witness the birth of a new football team in this day and age, let alone get the opportunity to document its first steps in the world. But that’s exactly what we got to do when St. Louis CITY SC asked us to produce a showpiece framed around the club’s first-ever Major League Soccer matches. And so we are proud to present “Inaugural”: a commemorative, first-of-its-kind publication exploring the living, visual and creative culture of St. Louis and the arrival of MLS’ newest soccer club.

Featuring over 200 photos – most never before seen – the full-colour, 303-page book is a photographic exploration of St. Louis soccer culture, following a journey through St. Louis’ history as America’s First Soccer CITY and celebrating the vibrant spirit of the city today.

Having been part of the 22,343 fans in attendance for the first match at Citypark, the publication is one born out of true experience – of being in the trenches, of singing the songs, and soaking up the atmosphere and capturing it all through our own lens. It now exists as the perfect moment, captured and exhibited as only we know how, for fans of not only St. Louis CITY to enjoy, but for any that enjoy feasting their eyes on a true visual story.

inaugural 4-min.jpg

The limited-edition publication spotlights seminal moments throughout the city’s history – from soccer’s roots in St. Louis and repurposing architecture of the past into a sanctuary for a creative forward-thinking generation, to housing the first majority female-owned club in the MLS. Inaugural documents the city’s transformation into a global leader in arts, culture and sports, as well as its rise as an international destination.

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With Inaugural, we want people across the globe to take notice of St. Louis and its resurgence by offering a fresh perspective on the pride of our city and its love of The Beautiful Game,” said Lee Broughton, St. Louis CITY SC’s Chief Brand Architect. “With our club making MLS history, breaking records both on and off the pitch and solidifying our spot in the 2023 playoffs, Inaugural is a love letter to St. Louis and our fans, and an incredible way to remember our historic first season.

Inaugural’s visual narrative features images shot on location at CITY SC’s home of CITYPARK – the newly erected stadium designed with the intention of reflecting the rich characteristics of the community, complete with locally-owned businesses from St. Louis’ growing culinary scene and an architectural aesthetic that lends itself to a powerful matchday experience.

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The book also pays homage to iconic St. Louis businesses, cultural institutions and landmarks, including SK8 Liborius, the former St. Liborius Church re-imagined into a cultural hub for local skate and art communities before it was destroyed by a fire in June 2023. Chronicling the diverse perspectives of skaters, musicians, designers and international footballers who call St. Louis home, Inaugural captures the distinct essence of creativity and fervor that pulses through the city. CITY SC team coaches and players featured throughout the magazine include Roman Bürki, Tim Parker, Nicholas Gioacchini and more.

In an effort to help rebuild SK8 Liborius after the recent fire, a limited-edition SoccerBible x St. Louis CITY SC long-sleeved T-shirt will also be available for purchase, with all proceeds from the tee benefiting SK8 Liborius.

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We wanted to do everyone proud in showing the world the layers that make up St. Louis and demonstrate the character of the place,” said Pete Martin, SoccerBible’s Creative Director. “From the pre-match party to the post-match ‘slinger,’ we experienced it all and got ‘Ravioli Boyz’ tattoos in the process. We captured a powerful energy and in 300 pages, there’s a true blend of on- and off-pitch soccer culture. This book is something that will remain timeless while marking this monumental moment that is an almighty inaugural season.

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Inaugural will be available in limited quantities beginning Saturday, 21 October in-store at CITY Pavilion, located at 2118 Market Street in Downtown St. Louis, online at and via the official St. Louis CITY SC mobile app, available in the App Store or on Google Play.