The United Soccer League may not be big on European radars, but it boasts one of the most creatively vibrant and diverse set of teams around, and the USL brand has just taken a step towards greater recognition by signing a deal with PUMA.

Leagues all around the world boast their own unique identities, created both by the teams competing within, the passionate fanbases, and also the equipment they use. And the USL have just taken a step to furthering their own identity, signing a deal with PUMA that will see the German sports brand bring its innovative and unique style to the USL league office in a new three-year agreement.

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Unlike certain other leagues and their brand affiliations, the PUMA-USL deal will only see the league office staff outfitted in PUMA. League officials have been keen to stress that teams are still free to express themselves and their own individual identities through separate kit deals, maintaining that level of flexibility that is lost in other leagues. So more like the Premier League and their deal with Nike than the MLS and their deal with adidas. Good news, as it’s this level of freedom that has already given birth to some of the most visually exciting teams out there, such as Forward Madison FC and Memphis 901 FC.

We are honoured to share this opportunity with PUMA,” said USL Chief Executive Officer Alec Papadakis. “With the 2026 FIFA World Cup on the horizon we are entering one of the most exciting phases in the history of North American soccer and are thrilled to align with a brand like PUMA who shares our vision for what the future of our sport in the country could look like. 

PUMA already has an interest in the USL, having partnered with the Championship’s New Mexico United as it re-entered the United States professional market, providing the second-year club with jersey and apparel designs that matched United’s play on the field as it reached the Western Conference Semifinals of the 2020 USL Championship Playoffs. In addition to New Mexico United, PUMA has also finalised a deal to become the official apparel partner of Oakland Roots Sports Club who will be making their USL Championship debut in 2021.

The USL is packed with potential, and as it develops and grows, it becomes even more of an untapped resource for creativity, and PUMA have got their foot in the door ahead of what could well be exciting times ahead for the second-tier of football in North America. 

Making strides, but might we be so bold as to suggest a refresh of that USL logo, tying in with the forward-thinking spirit of the league?