Adding to the ranks, PUMA have announced a new long-term partnership with German International and Arsenal player, Kai Havertz, who will wear the Future silo.

There’s been a lot of change for Kai Havertz over the last few months, with the German international switching South London for North when he made the switch from Chelsea to Arsenal. Along with that change, he was also seen training in blackout PUMA Future Ultimate boots, indicating that his time with Nike was coming to an end and that he’d likely not be renewing his deal. That was all but confirmed when, in September, he started wearing an all-red pair in matches, but now it’s official, with PUMA announcing a long-term partnership.

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Havertz will continue to wear the Future Ultimate, and he’ll likely switch into the current ‘Gear Up’ pack going forward.

Speaking about the new partnership, Havertz said: “Growing up in Germany PUMA has always been an iconic brand with some of the greatest players ever wearing their products. PUMA has always been an innovative brand when it comes to football boots and the way they work with athletes. When I met with the team and discussed plans for the future, I knew this was the right fit for me. They understand athletes and really want to be collaborate with their players; it really is a family atmosphere.

“Wearing the FUTURE boot is the perfect fit for my game and is a boot I was eager to move into, there is no other boot like it. PUMA are not only excelling as a brand on the pitch but are making huge waves in other areas of sport and fashion. We are working on some exciting projects, and I am looking forward to what the future holds.

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Johan Adamsson, Global Director of Sports Marketing and Sports Licensing at PUMA, said: “We’re thrilled to have Kai join our family and begin the next chapter of his career together. Kai has achieved so much already. With his quality and positive attitude, we are convinced he is going to remain at the heart of his Club and National team for many years to come. He is an elite athlete with very high aspirations both on and off the pitch and we look forward to working closely together across many exciting initiatives.

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Kai Havertz will wear the PUMA Future Ultimate, which you can shop at