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FIFA 16 | The Official Commercial

Dedicated to the delicious game we all love, EA Sports invite us, the doting football fans to 'Play Beautiful' with their latest creative campaign unveiling the official FIFA 16 trailer.

Mingling with the elite, the commercial features the likes of Leo Messi, Sergio Agüero, Alex Morgan, Kobe Bryant and Pelé as they play beautiful football on the game. On sale from next week, it's a celebration of both the physical and virtual game that brings people together.

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Enlisting top athletic talent the video presents the intensity that resides in a head-to-head game of FIFA. Cameos a plenty, it kicks off with Messi v Aguero and culminates in an operatic sing-off - it takes an eclectic turn quickly. A game for the masses, put us down for a copy.

FIFA 16 will be available starting September 22 in North America on Origin™ on PC, Xbox One as well as Xbox 360®, PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3 consoles.


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