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PARK x UNIQLO Aims To Help Disadvantaged Girls

To celebrate the FIFA Women's World Cup in France, PARK have teamed up with UNIQLO and the Matidas' Vice Captain Steph Catley to change the lives of disadvantaged girls around the world through the empowerment that football brings.

The women’s game is finally starting to receive the recognition it deserves, and as it develops, so too does its reach. Football has the power to change people's lives, and playing the game can help girls to build confidence, courage and self-esteem, ultimately improving physical and mental health. That’s why PARK have teamed up with Japanese clothing brand UNIQLO to give a massive shout out to girls around the world and to help them reach their potential.

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The move follows on from PARK’s recent collaboration with Common Goal, and it shares a very similar concept in that for every ball purchased, another identical ball is passed to a girl in need, with over 8000 balls given to disadvantaged kids in 23 countries to date. Half of PARK’s profits from T-shirt sales will also be donated to the Chitral Women's Sports Club in Pakistan, a country that has a deeply patriarchal society, constricted by strict gender roles and norms, where there is little to no focus on girls’ and women’s well being. These donations help to enable them to expand their programs and to provide a safe environment for the girls to play in. The power of football improving people's lives – something we can all get behind.

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Shop the full PARK x UNIQLO collection here.

Daniel Jones

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