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adidas Provide Pitch Space For Women, Girls, & Non-Binary Players Throughout Euro 2022

Using the platform of the Women’s Euro that is currently underway to address inequality, adidas has launched an initiative that will see them providing dedicated pitch space for women, girls, and non-binary players in London throughout July.

It’s the global game that is meant to be for all, and yet one of the biggest barriers to participation for women, girls, and non-binary players in the beautiful game is simply the access to pitch space and inadequate infrastructure. With this in mind, adidas have taken the opportunity provided by the history-making presence of Euro 2022 in England to address the issue through a campaign called ‘Pitch, Please’.

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As part of the campaign, regular pitch access for women, girls, and non-binary players has been secured across London to help improve access to playing facilities and ensure that players of all experience levels can make the most of the excitement of a home tournament.

Women, girls, and non-binary players looking for a pitch to play on will be able to request a session through a WhatsApp booking service, with pitches at Haggerston School available every Saturday and Sunday during the tournament for 5-, 7- and 9-a-side football.

Further pitch access will also be available with adidas partner Fulham FC, at their Motspur Park training facility – and further events and pitch access opportunities will be announced during the tournament. In total adidas will be offering over 100 hours for women, girls, and non-binary players during the tournament.

Throughout UEFA Women’s EURO 2022, thousands of women, girls, and non-binary people will be watching their heroes and will be inspired to play, but the significant lack of pitch access is a huge barrier in making this a reality. This is a real challenge, and one we must collectively combat to make sure a generational opportunity to welcome women, girls, and non-binary people into the sport is not lost. We’re so proud to be providing a dedicated space for our communities to play, so they can concentrate on what they enjoy doing most – playing football.” said Kathryn Swarbrick - General Manager & SVP, adidas Northern Europe.

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In need of a pitch in London? WhatsApp the adidas Pitch, Please booking service at +447874 089145 with the phrase ‘Pitch Please’ or follow this link

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