Re-stocked and suiting up for the Summer, the mythical team of Asbury Park Football Club have returned. Gleaming with garms embroidered all over, this is rock and roll football all day long.

Proudly representing it's New Jersey origins, the Summer '16 collection consists of an all new Supporters Tee as well as a pair of enamel badges, a pair of iron on badges and new training tops. Proudly unveiling new sponsor for the 2016 season in the process 'SAMESONG', washes the front of the shirt.

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The green "Heritage" badge is a new look for the club and pays homage to the proud and non-existant history of APFC. What's more, the APFC Heritage Enamel Pin references the Morro Castle disaster of 1930 when the New York-bound steamship caught fire and ran aground behind Asbury Park's iconic Convention Hall en route from Havanna, Cuba. The green colouring references the green details of Convention Hall's copper metalwork, discoloured by a century of salt & sea. The crest’s words, “Til We Run Aground”, pay tribute to the lives lost 82 years ago.

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Fun and games and life a little less serious, you can't help but love this playful instalment that flips football culture nicely on its head. You can pick up the latest from from Asbury Park Football Club, here.

Photography by Megan Khichi