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Nike Launch The Phantom GT

For the first time in 10 years, Nike revert to three silos as the Phantom VSN and Phantom Venom are fused into one silo in the next iteration of the Phantom family – the GT, the most data-driven boot Nike has ever created

With numerous pros from both the VSN and VNM camp testing out a mystery new boot from Nike before and after lockdown, indications were that change was afoot at house Swoosh. And sure enough, that has been confirmed, with the reveal of the all-new Phantom GT. Epitomising accuracy, explosiveness and that extra cutting edge, it combines the best features of both silos, streamlining Nike’s lineup ahead of the coming campaign.

phantom 5-min.jpg
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The major talking point here is with the upper. It sees Flyknit in use for its pliability and ability to literally wrap around the foot, mirroring the shape for ultimate comfort, but it’s joined by one of the most noticeable introductions: Generative Texture. Leaning heavily into the Sports Research lab, Nike have created the ultimate pattern on the boot. By studying at a micro level how the ball connects with the boot, pressure maps and data points were formed to guide parameters for generative design. Generative Texture offers advantages over a uniformed texture as it promotes critical interactions with the ball, so when a player is shooting or crossing the ball, they’re going to feel that extra bit of grip and control that will allow them to put it exactly where they want.

And by molding the texture right into the Nike Flyknit upper (as opposed to affixing texture atop it), the boot retains a soft, pliable, premium feel without risk of texture detachment.

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The tech improvements continue underfoot. Like the Mercurial, the Phantom GT has a 360 degree construction, and this serves to show off the new soleplate, which is part of the Hyper Quick System, designed to optimise agility and control on the ball. This is achieved thanks to the bridge that runs along the lateral side of the sole, connecting the front and rear plates. It leaves the medial side open for better feel on the ball, but still provides support. Conical studs have been split for quick cuts, complemented by wide rotated chevrons.

In another first for Nike Football, Phantom GT is available in a FlyEase option, which features a fold-down heel for easy entry and a wrap-around strap closure in lieu of laces.

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Pick up the Nike Phantom GT at

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