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Nike Launch The All-New Phantom Luna

Ahead of the impending Women’s World Cup, Nike lift the veil on the latest silo to be added to its ranks: the Phantom Luna. It’s been designed with a female-first mindset, but that’s not to say it’s a female-only boot…

As the women’s game continues to grow, so to does the support it receives, and this has been notable in the last few years through product innovation. Until recently, football boots have always been designed with men in mind, modelled, shaped and designed for the males foot. But there’s a massive difference between the female and male biology, and that’s also apparent in the shape of feet. So, switching things up and taking a ‘Led by her, designed for all’ approach, Nike introduce the Phantom Luna.

Now the first thing to get across is that this is not a female-specific boot, it’s merely been designed with the female foot primarily at the forefront of consideration with certain design aspects. In the same sense that certain female athletes will still choose a boot that’s been designed in the traditional sense, the Phantom Luna may just suit certain male athletes. Like the saying goes, if the shoe fits…

So, getting down to it, what we get here is an alternative to the Phantom GX, not a replacement. The Phantom Luna will sit alongside the GX, Mercurial and Tiempo to bring Nike back up to a four boot roster, something they haven’t had for several years, since the Phantom VNM and VSN were combined to give us the Phantom GT, precursor to the GX. Got all that? Good.

luna 7-min.jpg
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The Phantom Luna is anatomically designed with a lower cuff for to accommodate the ankle on a female, while the higher collar provides increased lockdown.

The Asymmetric construction  on the heel of the boot has been carried across from the Phantom GX to increase comfort earlier and also decrease breaking in time.

A micro moulding texture in the upper is included for intuitive and enhanced boot to ball striking through Gripknit. Subtle ribs in the cuff provide better ball contact higher up for when the ball doesn’t behave exactly as planned.

On the underside, the Luna includes the Cyclone 360 soleplate, which features a circular stud pattern near the toes to allow for rotational traction on any surface, but also the ability to plant, pivot or push off in one motion. The new design reduces rotational traction significantly, allowing a mix of grip without being overly grippy.

luna 5-min.jpg
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And then there's the aesthetics. For its launch look, Nike drop the Phantom Luna in a "White/Black/Total Orange" colourway. Simple, yet effective, it ensures the story is the boot, and not the look – that will come down the line. The clean presentation ensures attention is where it needs to be, primarily on the forefoot of the Cyclone 360 soleplate, and also on that new and unconventional Swoosh placement, which sits on a vertical axis on the heel.

Phantom Luna is a direct reflection of Nike’s focus on being her biggest champion,” says Dr. Elysia Davis, Principal Researcher in the Nike Sport Research Lab. “From research to testing to design, we put her at the center of the process. With Phantom Luna, we’re offering a boot that is thoughtfully designed for her with a new circular stud pattern and fit, helping athletes to move with precision and confidence on the pitch.

A fresh take and a new boot "Led By Her, For All".

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The Nike Phantom Luna is available at

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