Neymar's summer tour of the United States sees him drop by the Jimmy Kimmel Live show in Los Angeles. The Brazilian forward takes to the roof of the studio in attempt to score the first-ever goal over Hollywood Blvd, because why not? He's pretty much scored everywhere else.

Neymar has taken time out from international duty to head Stateside with Nike in the post-season and having already hung out with sporting royalty in the LA while promoting a thriving football scene, the Barcelona man throws his creative flair in front of America's biggest cameras for an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Swapping Q&A bore for the top floor, Neymar takes to the roof of the studio to score from across the street. Roof to roof.

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A sit down interview was never going to be an option for this expressive talent, even off the pitch it's clear that Neymar sees putting on a show in any public appearance as part of the job of being a performer. Putting the ball in the net and smiles on faces. An outlook that's contributed to his success on the pitch and popularity off it.

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