Freshening up his brand aesthetics, Neymar Jr, working in partnership with his sponsor, Nike, has unveiled his newly redesigned website, and along with that came the reveal of the Brazilian’s latest logo.

Modern day football superstars such as Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar are more than just players, they’re brands unto themselves, and as such they have to maintain a certain brand identity. Chief among this is a logo, which instantly identifies anything that’s adorned with it as being endorsed by that player. It’s an essential tool in marketing, and an effective one at that. And like any brand, players may need an overhaul every now and then to keep their appeal feeling fresh, and that’s the case with Neymar, with the Brazilian recently unveiling his redesigned website, and most importantly, his new logo along with it.

The logo reverts to just the ‘NJR’ callout, which was first used by the PSG star in 2012 when he was still playing for Santos. That logo cleverly used the 'N' as the number 11, which he wore for both club and country. That logo obviously had to change as he transitioned more towards the number 10, and so it evolved to the ‘NEYMAR’ logo, which split the word into pairs across three levels. And that has now been retired for this latest design, which will appear on all Nike x Neymar products from next year, including clothing collections and, in all likelihood, a new signature boot. Watch this space.

neymar 2-min.jpg
neymar 1-min.jpg

Have a look around the new, streamlined, complete with new logo, if you're bothered.