Paris Saint-Germain frontman Neymar has been showing off his latest ink this week as he adds a fresh 'deadly duo' piece to his back. Nope not Peter Crouch and Jermain Defoe, rather Spiderman and Batman – an equally as lethal combination.

Neymar's tattoo story runs into deep chapters and once again he's used Brazilian tattoo artist Thieres Paim, who posted Neymar Jr.’s latest artwork on Instagram ahead of PSG's Champions League draw with Napoli on Wednesday night. Spiderman on the left, Batman on the right, Neymar through the middle. Neymar with the skill, Spiderman with the agility, and Batman, well he's good in the air. 


It's a bold and dominant piece that takes over the top of Neymar's back, while displaying his love for comic book heroes. The fresh ink joins a tattooed storyboard of the player's life, which includes work that honors his family, a lion, a tiger, a Champions League trophy, and homage to the 2016 Rio Olympics, as well as "Life’s a joke" to remind himself not to take things too seriously.

This ain't the first time Neymar has sported Batman designs; the Brazilian has dressed up as the superhero at numerous club fancy dress parties and he even owns a pair of Batman pyjamas which he's proudly shown off on Instagram.

He wore a Batman shirt when he signed his record-breaking contract to move from Barcelona to PSG and last month he even launched his own line of Neymar Jr. Comics. He had a Batman cake on his 25th birthday and a Batman life-size balloon. So really this comes as no surprise... the kid loves Batman.

Does it matter that Batman is a hero in the DC Universe, and Spiderman is Marvel? We honestly don't know. Does any of this even matter at all? Not really.