Complementing the recent release of Neymar’s signature ‘NJR Silencio' Mercurial, Nike have released a ‘Silencio' clothing range. Only problem? It’s a kids' clothing range…

The Nike NJR Silencio Mercurial was launched by Nike with Neymar’s signature ‘Shhh’ tattoo acting as the prime influence on a scattered design across the upper. And as part of the collection, Nike have released a kids' clothing range featuring the same ‘Shhh’ design across tees, trousers, shorts and a hoodie.

With the CR7 range enjoying a well-earned break, Neymar currently stands alone as the only star flying the signature Swoosh flag for the brand. Despite currently being injured, he will be back in action soon and will return in his new kicks, no doubt upping the appeal of the Brazilian's signature swag.

Neymar 5050 6-min.jpg
Neymar 5050 7-min.jpg

The ‘Shhh’ comes from a tattoo that Neymar has on the inside of his index finger for silencing his critics. Apparently. The collection varies the use of the design across the range, with some items featuring it more prominently and others keeping it a bit more low-key. A combination of blacks and whites is accented by flashes of reds and blues, making the look very much in keeping with the boots. Shame it’s only for kids. Maybe XLB if you suck in the gut? Nah…

Neymar 5050 2-min.jpg
Neymar 5050 3-min.jpg
Neymar 5050 5-min.jpg
Neymar 5050 4-min.jpg
Neymar 5050 8-min.jpg
Neymar 5050 1-min.jpg

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