On the back of modelling the debut signature collection for his new A-Z label, Zlatan Ibrahimovic sat down with the Guardian's Morwenna Ferrier to talk fashion, football and becoming a Swedish, scrap that, global icon.

What Zlatan has in outrageous and unpredictable talent he more than doubles in sheer confidence. Cocksure, spectacularly self-assured. This a man who talks about himself in the third-person and once said "a World Cup without Zlatan is not worth watching" – if anyone else in the entire football world said that you'd class them as a Grade A end of a bell. But not Zlatan, we all love him. He's intriguing, a puppet-master to the media, an entertainer. When Zlatan talks, the people listen. In an open chat with the big Swede after launching his new A-Z brand, the Guardian caught him on top form.

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Speaking of the A-Z collection he titled and designed, Ibrahimovic explained the importance of the range to be affordable in a way that sportswear wasn't when he was growing up as a second-generation immigrant teenager playing football in the 90s. “The clothes are basic. They are for everyone of every background. You know, like mine. I will never forget where I came from, and I don’t forget the people I’ve met on the way.”

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After naming Mourinho amongst his most stylish managers, Ibrahimovic goes on to talk about his upbringing in Sweden, playing across Europe and a rare insight into his family life. New sportswear brand, captain of his country and another move to a European giant on the horizon. The Zlatan circus entertains time and time again. Roll up...

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