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Serge Gnabry Heads To The Ivory Coast With Common Goal

As a long-term member of Common Goal, Serge Gnabry knows about the power and reach of football. In partnership with the charity organisation, the Bayern man recently took a trip to the Ivory Coast to explore not only his own heritage, but the strength and influence of the global game in all walks of life.

There’s no doubt that football is the biggest sport on the planet. It’s a social phenomenon, and with its reach there is the power to do good. Common Goal is an initiative that continues to gain momentum throughout the world of football, with big names from the game signing up to donate one percent of their earnings to a central fund, which is in turn allocated to high-impact organisations that harness the power of football to advance the United Nations Global Goals. 

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Germany international, Serge Gnabry is a long-time member of the organisation, and in partnership with them he travelled to the Ivory Coast – his father’s homeland – to visit Tackle Africa, one of the football for good organisations that he teams up with through Common Goal, to discover first hand the amazing work that’s being done. And as he travelled from one world of football to another his trip was documented in a series of videos titled 'The Two Worlds of Modern Football'.

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