The quarter finals are done. Four more teams have fallen and the best are left to battle it out. The biggest trophy in the world is up for grabs and at the spiritual home of football no less. But before all that can take place, we take a look at the ten things from the quarter finals.

Injuries galore - Neymar has joined the list of players who are out of the tournament and whist that is an indescribable loss for Brazil, they are not the only ones who have big issues. Argentina have already suffered without Sergio Aguero and have now seen Angel Di Maria pick up a knock that could rule him out of the rest of the World Cup.

Too much yellow for Brazil - None more so than for Brazil. The host nation will now have to play their semi-final tie without skipper, talisman and arguably the only one of the back four who can actually defend, Thiago Silva. It is a massive loss for them and as Jose Mourinho said, as big, if not bigger than Neymar.

Van Genius - Louis Van Gaal's 'genius' decision to bring on Tim Krull in place of Jasper Cillessen with just moments left of normal time has left Manchester United fans purring. Fair play to Krull as well, his in-your-face penalty tactics made him the most hated player on the pitch. Not an easy task when you have Arjen Robben on your side. Regardless, Holland are into the semi-finals and will be looking to make it one step further than last time.

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Karim the kitten – He flattered to deceive during the group stages, but Real Madrid fans would have told you the Benzema we saw against both Nigeria and Germany is the real Karim. He is either very, very good, or simply awful. More often than not, he can bully the smaller sides into submission but when it comes to top quality opposition, Jose Mourinho was right. You need to hunt with a dog not a cat – or in this case, a kitten.

What golden generation? - Belgium were rather ordinary throughout the entire competition only managing to score six goals. Lucky to beat the USA, by the time it came to playing Argentina, they failed to pull their socks up and quite frankly, Hazard and co were dire. If they want to avoid the curse of England’s ‘golden generation’ tag, they need to shape up and fast.

Germany march on – Their third semi-final in three years and is anyone really surprised? The Germans are nothing if not clinical and efficient. They may not have thrilled like the rest of the bunch but they are the smart ones to put money on. There is no star payer but there is a work ethic, talent and a will to win that might see them upset the hosts.

The redefinition of goalkeeping – France v Germany said it all. Both Hugo Lloris and Manuel Neuer were not goalkeepers, they were sweeper keepers. The art of goalkeeping is being redefined and the German number one is leading the way. He is almost a defender at times and his back four know that he is there to cover in behind. Now to be a top keeper, coming off your line simply has to be like a second nature.

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Chelsea dealt too early – His thunderbolt of a free kick showcased exactly what David Luiz can do, and should Brazil go on to lift the World Cup, Chelsea could have probably squeezed another £5 million out of PSG – actually with their valuations, make it £10 million! That was the very best of Luiz in an attacking sense and without Thiago Silva for the semi-finals, Brazil will have to see the very best of his defensive game too.

No Rodriguez no cry - He was in floods of tears after Columbia’s exit, but as with his nation, James Rodriguez has no reason to be upset. They were a revelation and so was he. The standout player of the competition is now on everyone’s wish list. It might have been the end of Columbia, but it is the beginning for James Rodriguez.

Favourites? What favourites – Columbia came close against Brazil and but for a Gonzalo Higuain goal for the Argentines, they may well have had a few more issues too. Now Brazil have to contend without their star duo and Argentina simply must up their game if they wish to get past the Dutch. A European final is actually looking the more likely at this minute in time.

What did you learn from the quarter finals? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.