"I couldn't imagine playing for another Premier League club after 12 years at Chelsea. I couldn't do that." One year on and Frank Lampard has signed for Manchester City, albeit on loan from New York City FC. While we wouldn't consider Frank's move to be one of treacherous sin, it did inspire us to think about players who really are considered traitors in the footballing world. Here's our top ten players who some fans love to hate.

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Ashley Cole – After nearly crashing his car over the paltry £55,000 weekly wage offered by Arsenal, Cole decided the grass really was bluer on the other side and made a switch to Chelsea. Not before allowing himself to be tapped up by Mourinho that is. Cole is not only hated by Arsenal fans but most of football.

Wayne Rooney – Whilst Everton fans may have eventually forgiven a move to United to develop his career, what they should not forgive, was Rooney declaring he was ‘always a blue’ only to go and kiss the United badge when he scored for them – against Everton no less.

Samir Nasri – Not the most popular footballer ever, Nasri left Arsenal for Manchester City to win trophies. Or get more cash. Even he isn’t really sure. Social media posts generally goading Arsenal fans didn’t really help matters and whilst Arsenal and City do not have too much bad blood between them, Arsenal fans and Nasri certainly do.

Robin van Persie – Skippering one side to then leave and play for one of their direct title rivals is never really going to curry much favour with fans and RVP found this in abundance. The forward spent eight years under Arsene Wenger but that didn't matter to him when Fergie and United came calling.

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Luis Figo – The ultimate traitor? Barcelona fans would certainly tell you so. In fact, when you hear the name Luis Figo, there is one image that accompanies them – a pig’s head. Thrown at Figo courtesy of a rather upset Barcelona fan. The Cules still haven’t forgiven the Portuguese star left the club and went on to be one of the ultimate Galacticos for Real Madrid.

Jermaine Defoe – Ok, we get wanting to leave a club after you are relegated, but to have the cheek to hand in a transfer request less than 24 hours after it has happened does not make you player of the year. When that follows already leaving Charlton for said relegated club, West Ham, and then dropping them like a stone, you’re not exactly going to be on many fans Christmas card lists.

Carlos Tevez – Welcome To Manchester. We all remember the banner and it gave the blue half of Manchester a fair bit of pleasure to display it and wind up their rivals. Tevez defected from United to City and found himself fairly unpopular for doing so. Sadly for Carlos, he failed to realise the weather and food would be the same wearing a blue shirt and was equally unhappy.

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Cesc Fabregas -As if it was not bad enough that the midfielder decided to leave Arsenal for Barcelona, he then decided to join Chelsea causing a fair bit of a meltdown for Arsenal fans on social media. Gunners fans could understand wanting to go to your boyhood club, but to a hated rival like Chelsea? That's a big no no. Expect fireworks when the sides meet this season.

Sol Campbell – Spurs fans are still not over this one. The defender made the switch across north London and got himself a whole heap of trouble for doing so. He may have gone on to win a fair bit with the Gunners but he was tormented by Spurs fans every time they came into contact. Some chants were so unsavoury, they were banned by the club!

Ronaldo – He managed to play for Barcelona and Real Madrid, along with both Inter and AC Milan. Oh, and after injuring himself playing for Flamengo, he then recovered at the club only to reject a new deal in favour of bitter rivals Corinthians! Quite the traitor you may think, but Ronaldo never really copped too much stick for it, especially in comparison to the others on our list. Maybe he was because he was simply too good to dislike.

Who do you think are the biggest traitors in football? Let us know your thoughts below.