Paying tribute to Italian culture, PUMA have partnered with Football Gal to create one-off fashion-inspired versions of their Italy 20/21 home, away and third renaissance themed shirts.

Italy had already been graced one of the best sets of home, away and third shirts for the 20/21 period with their stunning renaissance themed designs, but it appears PUMA were not done with the designs just yet. In tribute to Italian renaissance art and fashion culture, the brand has partnered with custom football jersey designer The Football Gal who has created three bespoke jersey designs to compliment the iconic renaissance patterns used for each of the jerseys. 

italy 4-min.jpg
italy 3-min.jpg

The special one-off jerseys are designed to celebrate Italy’s history, culture and personality as PUMA merge football with art and fashion. All three jerseys take inspiration from Italian renaissance, high-end fashion, art deco and art nouveau merging elements of nature, geometry and symmetry. 

The Football Gal said: “My main aim of the project was to focus on elements of Italian renaissance in terms of its emphasis on symmetry, natural forms and creating eye movement through the floral designs. I love the concept of wearable art from different elements and incorporating them on football jerseys. This trend is giving fans (as well as non-fans) a chance to be creative and free to incorporate football into their style. 

italy 2-min.jpg
italy 5-min.jpg

There's no mention of what the plan is for these shirts other than that they're not for sale. Shame.