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Umbro x [AOF] Produce A Pair Of Shirts For Endangered Species Day

Friday, 20 May is Endangered Species Day, and to lend further exposure to the cause Umbro have collaborated with Art of Football [AoF] to produce a pair of sustainably-created jerseys that not only nod to classic Umbro styles, but that also feature designs inspired directly by endangered species.

Such is the power and reach of jersey culture these days that it can be used to promote campaigns and reinforce messages and campaigns. Arriving as a prime example of this, Umbro and [AoF] have come together for a collaboration that has been timed for Endangered Species Day on 20 May 2022, an event that aims to increase awareness of the fragile existence of some of the world’s animals and plants.

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The capsule features two recycled polyester jerseys, the patterns of both have been inspired directly by endangered species with pop-art influences. 

The sky blue “Rhino” jersey features a relaxed silhouette, a rib collar, chest patch pocket and an eye-catching graphic to the front and back of the garment. The print showcases three tonal rhinoceroses on top of a repeat design consisting of the collab partners’ logos – a nod to iconic Three Lions designs from Umbro’s past.

The navy “Dart frog” jersey has a loose fit with a vintage crew neck as well as the striking pattern of the Poison Dart Frog’s skin markings to the front and back of the top.

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In addition to the jerseys, there is also a limited patchwork collection exclusively available on the [ART OF FOOTBALL] store at Existing Umbro stock has been recycled into an “Adventure” capsule consisting of utility vests, field shirts, boonie hats and drill tops. 

Gabe Cuthbert, Creative Director and Co-Founder of [AOF], said: “As a brand we are determined to make more sustainable products and raise awareness of environmental and social issues. We were inspired by Umbro's archive and the fact that in the early years Umbro created scoutswear. Once we picked up on the "outdoor adventure" aspect, we started looking at nature for design inspiration and we knew this was going to be a special collaboration. The range is made from recycled products and raise awareness for an important cause – with the quality of Umbro, I think our community are going to love it. 

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Helene Hope, Head of Global Brand Marketing at Umbro, said: “We are extremely happy to have been able to work with Gabe and Luke at [AOF] on this project. We love the way they look differently at football and their passion for today’s important causes, in this instance the impact of climate change on many species. Together with them we have been able to create a fun capsule collection, which will help to draw attention to this issue in a way that only [AOF] and Umbro can. 

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Both jerseys will be available from 20 May 2022 at as well as

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