Setting you up for a summer of style, free from the constraints of pandemics and lockdowns, Art of Football have unveiled the first part of their Summer 22 Collection, which features their signature bespoke creations alongside some fresh new pieces, all with created with sustainability at their heart.

Fresh off of their collaboration with Umbro, those creative folk at Art of Football [AoF] are back on familiar turf, reworking classic football shirts in signature style, breathing new life into old designs by upcycling them into a range of unique bucket hats, a move that they’ve perfected over the years. But this summer they’re not just stopping there, venturing into new territory with the Boonie! That’s right, two hat styles with plenty of teams to choose from… and there’s still more!

The hats arrive alongside a range of button down shirts, and they too have had an upgrade for summer ’22 and are now made using TENCEL, a botanic fibre that's eco-friendly and safe for the environment. It’s harvested from Eucalyptus trees and produced through a closed loop manufacturing process making it a sustainable option. TENCEL is softer than silk and cooler than linen making it the perfect material for hot summer days. Wins all round. The shirts are inspired by some iconic kit patterns, so not only are they an eco-friendly option but they also look bloody great too.

aof 9-min.jpg
aof 8-min.jpg
aof 4-min.jpg
aof 5-min.jpg
aof 7-min.jpg
aof 6-min.jpg
aof 2-min.jpg
aof 3-min.jpg

Rework and sustainability is at the heart of everything [AoF] does, and using vintage shirts they hand make all their rework items locally in Nottingham, England, meaning every piece is unique and more often than not, 1 of 1. So if you like what you see and you fancy yourself in one of these bespoke beauties, you best not be hanging around.

The [AOF] summer 22 collection is available this Thursday, 8pm BST, at