Launching on the 15th of June and lasting the duration of the World Cup, the Soho Warriors & Avery Dennison are breathing new life into the custom game as they take over a gallery space in Shoreditch to host the 'International Clubhouse'.

Heading to 71a Gallery on Leonard Street in Shoreditch, the football club turned creative community will be hosting a series of crest & jersey customisation sessions, giving guests the opportunity to design, press and leave with a limited edition jersey. A link up with Avery Dennison, it offers a bespoke opportunity to get creative with football shirts that have a stylised edge. The International Clubhouse will also host collaborations with various brands and events will include match screenings, talks, music nights, exhibitions, takeovers and more.

Soho warriors avery dennison_0008_shirt.jpg
Soho warriors avery dennison_0007_shirt(2).jpg

Explaining the month-long event, the guys behind Soho Warriors describe the artistic take on football. "At the International Clubhouse we welcome guests to pledge allegiance to their country as well as their borough, area code or street, creating their own custom crest, selecting from a variety of designs, flags & mottos to make a unique design. Guests will also have the opportunity to choose a limited edition shirt, designed in collaboration with Formation Studio and select from a range of Soho Warrior’s inspired patches."

Soho warriors avery dennison_0006_studio.jpg
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You can see all the available sessions now on - get involved, stat.