The Premier League has signed a deal with global sportswear branding and labelling manufacturer Avery Dennison. The deal sees the company becoming the official supplier to all teams for names, numbers and sleeve badges from June 2019.

Now you may be forgiven for thinking that that’s where the story ends, because what else is there to say, right? But Avery Dennison are most than just name and numbers people, they're an impressively innovative company and the agreement places emphasis on technology and sustainability. 

Avery Dennison-min.jpg

Over 15 million Premier League names, numbers and sleeve badges will be produced each year, and Avery Dennison will do this at a specialist low-carbon facility in Norway. This factory uses precision laser cuts to reduce waste, and has created a “closed loop” configuration whereby plastics used in application of the product are collected and re-enter the supply chain. It’s 100% landfill-free and is powered almost entirely by hydro-electric power. Impressive stuff.

And if that wasn’t enough, the new shirt numbers will also be embedded with smart digital technology, enabling fans to scan the number on their jerseys with their mobile phones to receive a bespoke Premier League experience. 

Avery Dennison recently announced a global supplier deal with FC Barcelona and they also supply several top clubs in La Liga and 90% of Premier League clubs. Now you know.

Find out more about Avery Dennison here.