East London creative football club Soho Warriors and Seoul-based creative studio Nivelcrack have come together for a collaborative capsule collection that focuses on the place where both come together in perfect unison: the pitch.

Taking in the sights and expanding their cultural influence, several members of Nivelcrack have crossed the globe, finding themselves in London. Football was never far from their thoughts though, despite being on the other side of the world, and so they sought out a club with similar values that would allow them to express their creativity in both senses. And they found themselves joining East London creative football club Soho Warriors, and so, as well as playing, we also get a collaborative capsule from the tow entities, born of an organic connection.

nvlck 8-min.jpg
nvlck 2-min.jpg

The collection features green as its key colour to symbolise the pitch, the home that both collectives share together, breaking down the barrier of distance, culture and nationality. The headline pieces include home and away jerseys that feature checkerboard pattern designs, with green and black for the home shirt and green and white for the away.

nvlck 7-min.jpg
nvlck 10-min.jpg
nvlck 9-min.jpg
nvlck 5-min.jpg
nvlck 6-min.jpg
nvlck 3-min.jpg

The Nivelcrack x Soho Warriors collection is now available at nivelcrack.com and sohowarriors.com