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Avery Dennison Host Jersey Workshop at Soccerex Miami Event

Avery Dennison set up camp inside Marlins Park baseball stadium this week as Soccerex rolled into town. Hosting a jersey customisation workshop with unrestricted flair, it was an event that brought unlimited creativity to the replica scene.

Having just announced an exclusive deal to supply all the names and numbers for the Premier League, as well as partnering with FC Barcelona recently, Avery Dennison are shaping some serious influence on the design game within football right now. Using this event to showcase how they can influence the game, the brand came equipped with vibrant shirts designed by teams in the Toffee League in Portland, as well as a number of patches, sponsors, names and numbers, presented in a pick 'n' mix style for attendees to get creative.


With a maverick attitude that questions how the humble football shirt can be perceived, Avery Dennison inspire people to re-think the limits of design with their bespoke shirts, and in demand names and numbering. Engaged in a rising culture of more design-savvy fans, Avery Dennison quiz the rules of what a football shirt looks like and how it’s worn – palm trees and the waves of Miami back that up.

body3-avery-dennison-soccer-ex-min.jpg body4-avery-dennison-soccer-ex-min.jpg

No better place to put a marker down than in the backyard of one of the newest MLS clubs ready to make different types of waves. A new centre of footballing hype ready to create its own culture within its own corner of American soccer. The future looks sharp.


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