Following the launch of the Premier League’s new Hall of Fame, Avery Dennison have been unveiled as the company behind the sleek black and gold shirt that was awarded to the first inductees, Alan Shearer and Thierry Henry.

As the Premier League’s official names, numbers and sleeve badge supplier, Avery Dennison already have a strong connection with English football’s top tier. And now it’s been unveiled that global sportswear branding and labelling manufacturer were also involved in the recently launched Hall of Fame, producing those sleek and sumptuous black and gold shirts that were part of the award given to Thierry Henry and Alan Shearer as the first-ever inductees. A limited number of Hall of Fame shirts have been produced, including one for each Hall of Fame inductee. 

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The Hall of Fame shirt is a modern take on a classic hooped shirt, with subtle graphite colours and a sleek look, featuring new embellishments, including a fresh take on the classic Premier League Lion, with gold elements raised from a black background, and a Premier League crown designed with a shiny finish. The iconic Premier League sleeve badge has also been adapted to include the Hall of Fame graphite gold colourway, and incorporated into the frame of the badge with the Hall Of Fame logo in the centre. Then, to finish the design, the Hall of Fame tagline ‘Home Of The Greats’ is woven into the neck tape.

Simon Allen, regional commercial director, team sports at Avery Dennison shared: “We are delighted to be involved in this exciting initiative with our friends at the Premier League. It has been an honour to design a bespoke shirt that pays homage to the football legends of seasons past. The shirt design reflects modern and technological elements, while referencing the classic style of shirts seen over the years. With our smart technology, the Premier League can engage with everyone who receives one of these specially-crafted shirts.

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