Unveiling fresh threads in the process, there's more controversy from the greatest team you'll never play for as Asbury Park let two leading players head on loan to local rivals Neptune City F.C.

No idea what we're talking about? No problem. With the style of mythical mavericks, Asbury Park F.C. is a football club for those that live fast. With rock and roll roots running through, you may remember them from this training shirt release or perhaps from this famed, high end budget home and away kit release. Their trophy cabinets stacked beyond full and back again, this latest bulletin drops as two of their leading players, Brian Baker (from Bad Religion/Minor Threat) and Pete Steinkopf (from The Bouncing Souls) have left to join local rivals Neptune City F.C. and in doing so, unveiled a latest underground release from Umbro.

Steinkopf, influential guitarist for New Jersey punk icons The Bouncing Souls, will take over at forward for the injury-laden side while star striker Jody Fishmonger recovers from a recent foot tattoo. Baker, co-founder of Minor Threat and Dag Nasty in addition to being long-time guitarist for Bad Religion, will bring experience and versatility to the midfield in the absence of the suspended Pete Inelda.

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Commenting on the news, the club went on record in explaining, “While the presence of Pete and Brian will be missed around the clubhouse, the chance to help out our noisy neighbors is one the club would never turn down,” says Asbury Park F.C. Co-Chair Shawn Francis. “Also, they’re going to pay their wages while they are away so our hope is that what we save on salary can be spent on a new hot tub for the club training ground. The old one only gets lukewarm now and that’s just gross.”

You can join the action and suit up in the style of Asbury Park F.C. and Neptune City F.C here.