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Over The Pitch & Umbro Korea Launch Tribute Collection

South Korean creative studio Over The Pitch has joined forces with Umbro Korea to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary with some classic jersey reinterpretations.

This year, Umbro are celebrating their 100th anniversary, and as part of the celebrations they have been doing one of the things that they do best: collaborating with creative agencies to produce lifestyle collections that draw on the sporting heritage and history that’s inherent with the Double Diamond. And the latest entry in this line comes from South Korean creative studio Over The Pitch, whose collection features reinterpretations of iconic Umbro international and club jersey designs.

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By their own admission, Over The Pitch has a special reverence for Umbro and the work the brand has done over the years. And so this collection acts as part celebration, part homage, bringing jerseys that were part of Umbro's moments of victory and triumph back into focus by reinterpreting and reproducing the glory-era designs.

Amongst the collection there are reworkings of classic kits from the likes of Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Ajax, Brazil and England, all unmistakeable in their iconic presentations, which take key identifiers from the original designs and coming them with OTP’s branding and modern messaging.

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The Over The Pitch x Umbro collection is available at

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