South Korea compatriots come together in a mixture of traditional yet trippy vibes for the summer season, as Nivelcrack x Umbro Korea unveil their latest collection. Featuring a full training range, the performance-come-lifestyle collection sees monochrome blocks combined with vibrant green for a typically wavy take on the classic Double Diamond aesthetic.

Both existing as brands that push the boundaries between lifestyle and performance, the coming together of Nivelcrack and Umbro Korea for a full collection is something that deserves attention. Comprised of hoodies, sweatshirts, tees, and polo shirts, the collection’s highlight is the football jersey and drill top that take the Double Diamond logo and give it a psychedelic spin. 

Umbro 19-min.jpg

A hexagonal graphic sees the iconic logo bouncing all over the layered design with a glowing effect, while the design also hides a deeper, offset diamond look, apparent at a glance and gone as quickly as you noticed it. Nivelcrack’s crest then appears alongside the more classic Umbro logo across the rest of the collection for an altogether more toned down feel than the marquee jersey and drill top. 

The collection arrives as Nivelcrack follow up their most recent collab with Sounds Good, the street style designers continuing to deliver their own creative spin on a run of lifestyle products that pack a strong footballing message.

Umbro 18-min.jpg
Umbro 3-min.jpg
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Umbro 12-min.jpg

The Nivelcrack x Umbro Korea collection will be released on 29 July.