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Umbro Korea Launch U-Custom Jersey Service

Umbro Korea are handing over the full set of controls as they launch their new U-Custom jersey service. The Korean branch of the Double Diamond have built a strong lifestyle reputation throughout 2018 and now they're bringing that creativity to the pitch.

The U-Custom shop allows consumers to get fully customisable with their football kit design. Not just with colours and templates. Umbro Korea have created a service which allows you to choose the colour of the kit, the font of the numbers, the typeface, the shirt graphic, the sponsor, trim pattern, and fit. This is next level custom game.

Umbro Korea have whipped up a bunch of designs to give you a taste of the versatility on offer, but now the controls are passed over offering you the opportunity to get bespoke. Umbro are one of the OG football kit manufacturers having created hundreds of iconic kits in the past. They'll always have that sterling reputation as kings of the retro, but projects like this show that they're modern, relevant, and smashing it in style.


The versatility that Umbro Korea have activated with their U-Custom jersey service means that you can easily create a design that's match ready or equally pull off a vibe that's more street-styled. All we know is that we want to see that all-over shaped graphic on every Umbro shirt for the 2019/20 season.

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