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Over The Pitch Collaborate With Coca-Cola For Retro Collection

South Korean creative studio Over the Pitch joins forces with Coca-Cola for a throwback collection that leans into the iconic shapes and shades of 90s-era national team kits.

Over the Pitch continue to explore that space between football and fashion, opening up the culture to the nation’s burgeoning interest. Now they partner with one of the most iconic and recognisable brands in the world in Coca-Cola. The collection is inspired by Coca-Cola's traditional colour and symbolic ribbon, combining it seamlessly with the wave style of the 1996 South Korea shirt.

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The collection sees the classic design motifs of Coca-Cola and dual branding spread across a range of jerseys and training pieces. Presented in block colours of red and black with white accents throughout, the collection finds that middle point between Coca-Cola and football, told by Over the Pitch's point of view through a lookbook that combines the product with traditional Korean ornamental furniture.

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The Over the Pitch x Coca-Cola collection can be found at

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