Stepping up for the change in season with a vibe that’s at once authentic but that also takes the brand into experimental territory, Umbro Korea launch their SS19 ‘On and Off the Pitch 002’ collection.

Taking the classic aesthetics of the Double Diamond, Umbro Korea skew the perception of the brand in the latest OOP collection by swapping out the classic logo that it’s been built on for a lined diamond that's still instantly recognisable as being Umbro. It's a bold move, but it's one that pays off, with the refreshed look playing out across the collection. 

Umbro 2-min.jpg
Umbro 3-min.jpg

The collection is comprised of training apparel that takes its name quite literally in that it can be worn on and off pitch. No marketing jargon needed here. Bold colours and shapes feature across tracksuits, jackets, hoodies and other apparel as Umbro Korea once again show how the transition from pitch to pavement can be made so seamlessly.

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