Introducing a new generational upgrade for one of the most iconic boots of all time, adidas have released the Copa Icon – a modern revamp of the Copa Mundial, retooled for the demands of today’s game.

Along with all the action on the pitch, the World Cup has also given us a first look at the all-new Copa Icon in action – on the feet of some officials, with adidas providing them with a classic colourway. Now, the Copa Icon arrives in a “White/Gold Metallic/White” for what is a wider, debut release. For those who may be confused though, this is not the next generation of the COPA line, following on from the Sense… that will come early next year. No, this is a modern update of the iconic Copa Mundial.

copa icon 7-min.jpg
copa icon 6-min.jpg

The Copa Icon features the classic K-leather construction that is synonymous with the iconic Copa Mundial, it notably does not have the famous fold-over tongue – something that might upset purists. The other notable change is in the soleplate, which has been updated with a modern version that looks to have been lifted from the retired Nemeziz line. This offers a performance that's up to speed with the modern game, replacing the old soleplate that – let's face it – is 40 years old now. Classic, but room for improvement.

The white base is a clean canvas for the gold details to play out, through the branding and the 'Copa Icon' wording on the lateral side. 

copa icon 3-min.jpg
copa icon 4-min.jpg
copa icon 2-min.jpg
copa icon 5-min.jpg

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