Football is a sport that should unite the world, not divide it, and Lover’s FC rally behind that mantra with their latest collection of football fashion for spring/summer 2022.

Football shirts by their very nature can be divisive, from marking out support to home fans not rallying behind a new design. But the creative force of Lover’s FC don’t see it that way. Fronted by author, brand consultant and all-round creative enthusiast Neal Heard, the brand sees football as a unifier, a thing to be celebrated above all else. With this in mind the streetwear label once again taps into the relationship between football and fashion for its latest collection.

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Following on from the collaboration with H&M, which offered up some pleasingly familiar design inspirations, the new collection shows a snippet of the limitless possibilities of jersey culture when the shackles are off. Arriving with a combination of bright and bold shapes across solid shirt designs, all emblazoned with the Lover’s FC branding in the sponsors slot and the brand’s club crest taking position wherever called upon, it’s an investigation of football style away from the pitch – no team affiliations, just a love of the game, representing the authentic voice of the Terraces and the Streets. This is jersey culture done the fans way, and we’re all for it.

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