Challenging convention at a time when jersey culture has never been hotter, this link up between Lovers FC and Selfridges is a collection that lands with a plethora of shapes and colour and brings something bold to the jersey game.

In total, six different designs have been released as part of the range, each featuring familiar shapes and tones of England, Germany, Nigeria, Japan and Brazil but with re-imagined twists and tailored treatments. The collection drops at a point when football and fashion are constantly crossing paths and while the market may be busier than ever, it's efforts like these that stand out from the rest.

Lovers FC World Cup_0000_L1270353.jpg

Brought to us by Neal Heard, the man behind 'A Lover's Guide to Football Shirts', Lover's F.C. bridges the ever shrinking gap between football and fashion. The conceptual football club aims to further explore and celebrate the development of the soccer jersey as street style staple through unique collaborations such as this and his previous work with fashion label You Must Create [Y.M.C.].

Strong on the senses, you can pick one of the Lovers FC x Selfridges jerseys here