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Umbro Launch Sport Club do Recife 21/22 Home & Away Jerseys

Brazil’s Sport Club do Recife have revealed their new home and away jerseys from Umbro, with designs that honour the 102nd anniversary of one of the club’s most famous titles, the Leão do Norte.

You’d be forgiven for not knowing the relevance of the Leão do Norte outside of Recife. But the trophy is an important part of the club’s history as it was at this time, 102 years ago, that Recife added the Lion to their crest and adopted the nickname “Lion of the North”. Yep, that all important 102 year anniversary… still, gives the shirt a bit of relevance, doesn’t it?

For the 21/22 season, Umbro has styled the home jersey traditional red and black horizontal stripes, which have been updated with an alternating pattern on the front. This is complemented with a black V-neck collar, red sleeves and black cuffs.

The white away jersey features geometric detailing in yellow on the cuffs and down the sides. This is finished with a black V-neck collar. Both shirts then feature two special sign offs, with the date of the title appearing on the inside of the neck as well as the hem.

recife 2-min.jpg
recife 3-min.jpg

The Sport Club do Recife 21/22 Home & Away Jerseys will go on sale 23 April via Umbro Brasil.

Daniel Jones

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