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The beautiful Fabric of Football

The beautiful game can be epitomised in so many ways. From the power to bring people together, the split tastes on Bovril right through to the architecture of stadiums up and down the ground. One element that washes the game in colour is that of the fabric of football.

Appreciating the tremendous work that the guys at Fabric of Football do in collating some breathtaking shapes from the past, we've gathered a few of their finest to share such curated textiles of cool.

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From the nostalgia of our first kits and the apparel that ensued right through to the contemporary technology laden high performance wear of the modern game, the football shirt means so much and those rich colours that take to pitches throughout the world every evening, every weekend, well they are to be celebrated with a mega party of nu-rave nausea. Give the Fabric of Football guys a follow on Instagram, it's a stellar job they're doing.


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