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1. FC Koln "Karneval" Kit 16/17

For the fourth consecutive season, Bundesliga side 1. FC Koln have released a special edition kit that champions the city's 'Karneval' celebrations. Red and white, plus a touch of yellow.

A spectacle number that has been created by kit manufacturer ERIMA, it's marked with all sorts of details that characterise the iconic elements of Cologne. The city's logo is integrated into various parts of the kit - not simply sublimated. Embroidered in to the left arm are tears while crown jewels are on the right, all paying tribute to the badge of the city.

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Various European sides seem to know what they're doing when it comes to producing playful kits with this another fine example. Others include countless instalments from TSV 1860 Munich that sink the beers to celebrate Munich's Oktoberfest.

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Maybe it's about time we had more one off kits like this? Kidderminster Harriers, we call on you to celebrate your rich history of woven carpets and produce a kit made entirely from velvet. In your own time...

You can see more about the 1. FC Koln 'Karneval' kit here.


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