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Mizuno Collaborate With SoccerBible & Fokohaela For Nagoya Grampus Eight Heritage Capsule

Teaming up with Mizuno and also recruiting the help of independent football art house Fokohaela, we’ve created a special Nagoya Grampus capsule collection that pulls on the heritage and legacy of both the Japanese brand and club that’s been carved out over three decades.

The Nagoya Grampus Eight ‘93 jersey was, in itself, a masterpiece of football based design, rereleased recently as if to accentuate its timeless qualities. Such striking colours and truly unique detail, it’s a heritage piece that is as fitting on the street as it is in the archives; it’s even more relevant today, flexing fluidly across performance and lifestyle arenas as if to highlight its position as herald to a new era of shirt design. So what would happen if it was brought into a contemporary space, where the thirst for vibrancy and vintage is far from being quenched? That was what Mizuno wanted to explore, and so they approached us at SoccerBible, looking to leverage our unique line of sight within football. 

Building off the legacy of the Nagoya Grampus Eight ‘93 jersey, we’ve joined forces with Mizuno to create a capsule that takes something iconically classic and reworks it into an age where football and fashion so seamlessly meet. Taking focus on the role of sponsors in shirt design – a role that can just as easily make or break a design – we specifically looked at how they translate across other sports. This lead us to the world of Motocross, which played a big part in the overall design of both the SoccerBible x Mizuno Nagoya Grampus Eight Heritage Jersey and Track Jacket that make up the capsule.

Bringing on board the talents of Fokohaela, both products have been designed to be worn whilst celebrating a heritage of football design that still hits hard today. This drops stands out in a way that shows how you can take a minimalist approach whilst dropping a suitably strong palette of colour. The hope is that by creating such a head-turning capsule, it encourages the western world to explore the legacy of football in Asia even further.

grampus 5-min.jpg
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Shop the Mizuno x SoccerBible Nagoya Grampus Eight collection from 24 August at

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