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Umbro Korea Launch FW19 Fleece Collection

Umbro Korea are back at it for Fall/Winter 2019 with some fresh throwback fire. The Double Diamond are tearing it up in South Korean streetwear circles and their latest seasonal project leans strongly on the brand's retro roots to deliver a statement collection of reversible fleece jackets.

Each piece from the collection features a fleece material with heavy Umbro branding which can be reversed into a more subtle and traditional jacket with classic Umbro branding. From simplistic shades of white and black to more sophisticated pastel palettes, each fleece is complemented by a matching baseball cap for a quintessential 90s vibe. It's a testament to the brand when we say that Umbro own the 90s decade time and time again with modern twists. They keep the 90s going with refreshed direction rather than repetitiveness.


Yeah, Umbro have just thrown a fleecy spanner into your wardrobe works for the Autumn/Winter season, and you're now contemplating whether the fleece is back. With throwback logos, big patterns, strong shapes and reversible moves the fleece is very much back and it's the clothing piece you weren't planning on needing this season. Umbro continue to mix things up and their Korea branch are forever leading trends.

6-umbro-korea-fleeces.jpg 4-umbro-korea-fleeces.jpg

Shop the full Umbro Korea FW19 Fleece Collection at


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