Influenced by the free-flowing nature of play in the beautiful game and its similarities with the creatively maverick nature of Jazz musicians, Nivelcrack hook up with Sounds Good for a new collection called ‘Joga Bonito’ – a phrase that’s instantly synonymous with Brazilian football.

Due to be released on 7 July, just before the Copa America final – which fittingly is set to feature Brazil – the Sounds Good x Nivelcrack collection is a combination of the essence of improvised samba football, intersected with the bossa nova beats of Brazilian streets, a place where the philosophy of ‘Joga Bonito’ was born. The phrase became a fixture in football terminology when Nike coined it for their advertising campaign ahead of the 2006 World Cup, with Ronaldinho in particular, embodying the Portuguese phrase at the time.

Nivelcrack 7-min.jpg

The main feature of the collection is the jersey, which takes on the blue of Brazil away shirts gone by, with a sublimated wavy stars and stripes graphic running throughout. The Sounds Good x Nivelcrack crest comes in yellow, while “Nivelcrack” sits in the sponsors position and “Sounds Good” runs down each arm, both in white, as is the round white collar. As well as the jersey, the collaborative collection features a sac, socks and, rather inexplicably, a special mix tape of tunes to get you playing beautifully. Just got to rummage out a cassette player from somewhere for that then… 

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Shop the 'Joga Bonito' collection at from 7 July.