Inspired by an outpouring of energy as well as emotion, Tens club have released another limited drop that pays homage to the time Juergen Klinsmann royally put his foot through a battery advert.

Painting a limited run of 50 t-shirts by foot, it's with a classic pair of boots that the creatives behind Tens Club stepped over a series of stills from that famed incident that happened in 1997. The tees contain a black and white sequence of Klinsmann's booted moment and the stud marks serve as a timely reminder as to how the event unfolded.

JK_BK copy.jpg
tens club jurgen_0005_1A.jpg
tens club jurgen_0004_2B.jpg
tens club jurgen_0003_4B.jpg
tens club jurgen_0002_6A.jpg
tens club jurgen_0001_6B.jpg
tens club jurgen_0000_ALT2.jpg

A lookbook shot by Jared Martinez, the shirt is on a first come, first served basis and you'll have to be signed up to the newsletter to get a look in. All the presence of a boot flying through a battery advert, consider this drop fully charged with inspired football culture. You can see more about Tens club and pick one of these up here.