A line of exclusive pieces that drops in bespoke month after month, Tens Club have returned with a special edition football shirt inspired by a maverick moment from 2006. Each release from this brand is both bespoke and limited edition and this latest number dials all the right digits.

Speaking to Lucas Shanks, founder of Tens Club, about the Riquelme homage, he explains, "In the 2006 World Cup, Argentina beat Serbia 6-0 with Juan Roman Riquelme at the helm (and a young Messi also on the field). One newspaper back home made light of the scoreline by making sure the readers didn't mistake it for a tennis score, writing "6—0; Argentina, Not Federer."

"Riquelme ran the show that game, creating countless chances for his team despite not scoring himself. In middle of the first half, Argentina put together a 25-pass sequence that ended in a Cambiasso goal. Many recall Riquelme's performance is the reason many consider him to be the last true number 10."

Tens Club_0000_6_Front.jpg
Tens Club_0001_5.jpg
Tens Club_0003_3.jpg
Tens Club_0005_1.jpg
Tens Club_0002_4_Back.jpg
Tens Club_0004_2_Patch.jpg

"To celebrate the Argentinian legend, we created a jersey inspired by his legacy. The Tens Club "6—0; Not Federer" jersey has the newspaper headline designed on the back, and a Boca-inspired embroidered patch on the front, as well as matching Tens Club graphics, all printed on a heavyweight, boxy Adidas shirt."

The jerseys were photographed by Ricardo Verdesoto at "El Gauchito," an Argentinian eatery in Queens. The location is a hot spot for Argentian-style food in New York City, and has old Argentina as well as Boca Juniors jerseys hanging from the ceiling.

The @tens.club "6—0; Not Federer" jersey, celebrating Riquelme and Argentina's 6—0 win over Serbia in the 2016 World Cup is available exclusively here. To get first dibs, you'll need to sign up to their newsletter.

Photography by @ravr.nyc for Tens Club