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Tens Club Present The 'Mario Balotelli Industrial Work Shirt'

Continuing to embrace the left-field side of football fashion, Tens Club have presented their latest celebration of inspired football moments. Their latest release is the 'Mario Balotelli Industrial Work Shirt', inspired by the infamous car incidents the maverick player has experienced over the years

Produced as an exclusive item only available for those who sign up to the Tens Club newsletter, this latest drop lands with tongue firmly in cheek. The "M. Balotelli's Auto & Body" industrial work shirt is inspired by the Italian's famed car troubles (which included £15,000 in parking fines, 27 visits to the impound lot, and a minor accident in 2012).

Tens Club Balotelli portrait_0002_DSC01774.jpg
Tens Club Balotelli portrait_0006_DSC01708.jpg
Tens Club Balotelli portrait_0005_DSC01709.jpg
Tens Club Balotelli portrait_0004_DSC01721.jpg
Tens Club Balotelli portrait_0001_DSC01790.jpg
Tens Club Balotelli portrait_0000_DSC01883.jpg

Modelled by Colm lifestyle brand KidSuper over a KidSuper jumpsuit, the photos were taken at a mechanics in South Williamsburg, New York City.

The shirt is only available in the newsletter on 10/10, people can sign up at

Photography by Elijah Craig.


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