Portland’s finest football pub add some shirty flavour to the mix. Having worked with Avery Dennison on their Toffee League to create an array of bespoke team shirts, the Toffee Club drop two more designs in collaboration with Paradise Soccer Club.

Further establishing themselves as the ultimate footballing watering hole, the Toffee Club build up their already impressively bespoke merchandise collection by introducing two graphic printed football jerseys. Floral prints adorn both the black and white shirts as the pub ride the hype and add more pace to the merging worlds of fashion and football.


The duo of Toffee Club x Paradise Soccer Club jerseys are the latest to hit the Toffee Club online store, and join an archive of eccentric designs and throwback loveliness, from trippy graphics to Panini Sticker takeovers. They don't do half measures at the Toffee Club, not when it come to their creative jersey game, anyway.

Shop the full Toffee Club replica collection on their online store.