Hurley, Nike's surf arm, are making World Cup waves this summer with the launch of their National Team Collection of Phantom board shorts. Team crests and colourways create patriotic patterns from the turf to the beach.

Hurley have designed bespoke board shorts for Nike's leading participating nations at the showpiece in Russia; England, Nigeria, Portugal, Australia, and France all receive takeovers. USA also do, and ironically it'll be their players likely to spend the most time at the beach this summer having failed to qualify for the World Cup. Hence the sliders instead of boots in the top image...


The designs for each respective federations complement the home or away shirts of the 2018 Nike jerseys. Matching hats and tees are also launched as part of a wider World Cup collection. That Nigeria home print is so damn delicious that Nike should launch Nigeria editions of everything they manufacturer this summer.

Hurley World Cup Collection portraits_0002_nigeria.jpg
Hurley World Cup Collection portraits_0000_usa.jpg
Hurley World Cup Collection portraits_0001_portugal.jpg
Hurley World Cup Collection portraits_0003_france.jpg
Hurley World Cup Collection portraits_0004_england.jpg
Hurley World Cup Collection portraits_0005_australia.jpg

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