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FIFA Reveal Russia World Cup 2018 Official Poster

With just three days to go the 2018 World Cup Finals Draw FIFA have unveiled the official 2018 tournament poster. Created by renowned Russian artist Igor Gurevich, and featuring legendary, Ballon d'Or winning Soviet goalkeeper Lev Yashin.

In a age of dominant digital-media it's soothing to still see the long tradition of FIFA World Cup Posters going strong. One of the longest-standing World Cup traditions that allows the host nation to create a piece of art that represents their culture and interpretation of the famous competition. From 1930 to 2018, each poster packs an identity that relates with collectors, fans, and members of the artistic community alike. 

Yashin is a symbol for Russian football. He played in four FIFA World Cups – 1958, 1962, 1966 and 1970 – and remains the only goalkeeper in the history of football to win the Ballon d’Or. In the poster, he's dressed in his traditional outfit of black shirt and shorts, knee brace and his famous cap. He is shown reaching for the ball, one half of which is a typical football from Yashin’s era, with the other half depicting the landmass of Russia as seen from space.


How does the 2018 FIFA World Cup Poster compare to the rest of the collection?


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