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Ranking Every 2018 World Cup Football Shirt

Right then. If you weren't aware, there's a bit of a knees-up going on over in Russia this summer. 32 invitations have been dished out to the big dance, and here's what each invitee will be throwing their shapes in. All 64 kits to appear at the 2018 World Cup, right here on one page. We'll help you rate and slate accordingly...

Group A


Egypt | Safe. That's probably the best way to describe the Egypt home and away shirts by adidas. There's a subtle print across the home shirt that'll look even better for Egyptians should Mo Salah recover in time to wear it, after being on the receiving end of some standard Sergio Ramos shithousery in the Champions League Final. Scores: Home 5/10 | Away 4/10


Russia | It is plain, yes. But the hosts have a story behind the design of the home shirt – it's inspired by the jersey worn by the Soviet Union during the 1988 Olympic Games, when the team won Gold. The away graphic? Well, that depicts an abstract vision of Russian architect. It's nice to know your facts when you're lobbing pub furniture at the locals. Scores: Home 5/10 | Away 5/10


Saudi Arabia | What's the difference between boring and simplistically stylish? We're not that sure, but we're feeling the Saudi Arabia home and away shirts fall into the latter category. Smart them. Scores: Home 6/10 | Away 6/10


Uruguay | Our only issue with the Uruguay home shirt is that baby blue makes Luis Suarez even more psychotic when he's chomping on your shoulder. Nice jersey though, big fan of the Sol de Mayo graphic. PUMA have given all their competing nations a white away shirt, and we reckon they just wanted to get to the pub early. Scores: Home 6/10 | Away 2/10

Group B


Iran | Yes, Iran's shirts are a little bit straight out of Pro:Direct's teamwear catalogue, but they won't be the worst on display in Russia this summer. Still, it's difficult to get to excited about them. Just like the team, you would have forgotten all about them by the knockout stage. It's a World Cup lads, try a bit harder, yeah? Scores: Home 3/10 | Away 4/10


Morocco | Morocco waited until the very last minute to unveil their 2018 World Cup shirts. Why? Because their FA are well aware that the locals will counterfeit the living daylights out of anything and everything to do with football. Not helping the matter, they've created a shirt so basic you probably already own one. Scores: Home 4/10 | Away 4/10


Portugal | This is the first real contender for us. That rich red, that brushed gold – well worthy for the European Champions to wear to the big dance. Nike's AeroSwift sleeve graphics may be repetitive, but for good reason, they're damn seductive. All of both of these. Scores: Home 9/10 | Away 8/10


Spain | Spare a thought for poor Alvaro Morata, here. Roped in on his day off to the Spain photoshoot before being told he's not even going to the World Cup. No wonder he looks so sad. Still, at least he can look decent on his sofa in those wavy, retro-inspired jerseys. Scores: Home 7/10 | Away 6/10

Group C


Australia | The Australians will fancy their chances of getting out of Group C. France will no doubt boss the group, but the Peru and Denmark will be looked at as winnable. More sleeve game from Nike on the home shirt. Garden centre employee uniform vibes on the away. Scores: Home 6/10 | Away 2/10


Denmark | Teams that wear a brand from their home nation. Should be a rule for us. Denmark won't complain with Hummel pulling the threads. Those chevrons are timeless, even if the kits don't inspire. Away shirts are the opportunity to experiment for designers, so a copy/paste from the home is a little disappointing, albeit smart. Scores: Home 6/10 | Away 5/10


France | It's difficult to understand why these Nike kits look fire even when they're pretty plain. That sleek look and two colour combo, along with the graphic sleeves, and that French crest always standing strong. Nice balance of plain and different across both offerings. Scores: Home 8/10 | Away 8/10


Peru | The sole representer for Umbro in Russia this summer. Peru are styled in typically retro Umbro vibes, with those cross jersey sashes and throwback Double Diamond taping across the shoulders. Complements the oversized crests perfectly. Looks a whole lot better than their chances of making it out of the group. Scores: Home 7/10 | Away 8/10

Group D


Argentina | adidas are driving the throwback train right through to Moscow this summer, and Argentina are another nation to be inspired by retro designs. The home shirt is crisp, but the away shirts goes brave in black with strong graphic game. Scores: Home 6/10 | Away 6/10 


Croatia | A sea of red and white follows Croatia all over the world, and for that reason the home kit will always hold a special place in international football. Instantly recognisable. That boy Luka Modric looks good in anything, mind. Placing the front number inside a square is weirdly satisfying. Scores: Home 7/10 | Away 7/10


Iceland | Errea are another brand that we assume spent 90% of their allocated time on the home shirt before remembering they still had an away shirt to design. Having said that, they're very smart, and very unique. Plus, how can anyone say anything nasty about little old Iceland. Everyone's favourite underdog. Scores: Home 5/10 | Away 4/10


Nigeria | Could easily be one of the greatest home strips to ever grace a World Cup tournament. Are they going to win the thing? Nah, unlikely. So they may as well look the absolute dogs while they stick around for a bit. The away kit, meh, irrelevant, when you get 100% on the test, you don't bother with the coursework. Scores: Home 10/10 | Away 5/10

Group E


Brazil | Nike will have you know that the home shirt is a different shade this year. You'll tell us you've seen this home shirt many times before. That away shirt is very Brazil, though, strong marks for that one. Scores: Home 5/10 | Away 9/10


Costa Rica | Costa Rica's crest looks like a foreign ice-lolly brand. The kits are alright. Scores: Home 5/10 | Away 5/10


Serbia | You're still not sure if this is Serbia, Switzerland or Austria are you? All three are PUMA nations, and all three seemingly get invited to every World Cup BBQ and arrive with just a bowl of salad and leave before dark. Nice typeface though. Scores: Home 4/10 | Away 4/10


Switzerland | Where did this come from?! There's us having a little dig at PUMA's template shirts and then they deliver this specimen of a design. It's like one of those little games with a ball in the middle of a maze you get in a cracker. The fact we thought that instead of the real reason – Switzerland's mountain topography – explains why this writer got a D in Geography GCSE. Scores: Home 9/10 | Away 3/10

Group F


Germany | Do adidas save their best designs for their homeland? All we're saying is show us a bad Germany shirt. Go on show us. As a package, we'd have to say Germany have the strongest home and away shirts at the 2018 World Cup. Beautifully retro, blended with exquisite modern design detailing. Scores: Home 8/10 | Away 10/10


Mexico | More stylish shapes from adidas fall the way of the Mexico home and away shirts. The side graphics on the home shirt are shared with Argentina and Colombia, but the away shirt makes its own rules with a fresh repositioning of the Mexican flag colours. Scores: Home 5/10 | Away 9/10


South Korea | Anything that makes us think of Hueng Min-Son smiling his little face off whilst chasing a ball is good in our book. The Koreans are born hipster. They'll find these versatile little numbers a place in their wardrobe, don't you worry about that. Scores: Home 8/10 | Away 7/10


Sweden | The Sweden home shirt is very Sweden indeed. There really isn't much more to say. The away shirt is nice, but it's basically exactly the same as the Belgium away shirt and that docks points for us. Scores: Home 5/10 | Away 4/10

Group G


Belgium | The front graphic and crest of the Belgium home shirt looks like a European beer mat and we like that. We like that a lot. The away shirt is the Sweden away shirt, only this one is on Nacer Chadli who despite earning preposterous amounts of money, does not own an iron. Scores: Home 8/10 | Away 4/10


England | The England kit has taken quite a bit of stick, but as with most of Nike's World Cup 2018 kits, it's all in the details. No, it's not an Admiral 1982 shirt but it's still decent. We're marking these high. Don't like it? Fear not, we'll probably only wear it three or four times. Scores: Home 8/10 | Away 8/10


Panama | These kits have 'uninspiring 0-0 draw with England' written all over them don't they? Ten of them sat on the edge of the box with 5 minutes left as Dele Alli tries to scoop another ball over them to an offside, bright red, furiously angry Jamie Vardy. Scores: Home 5/10 | Away 5/10


Tunisia | And there was you thinking Uhlsport only made goalkeeper gloves and the odd pair of shin-pads you had at school. Nope, they make the Tunisia home and away kits too. About as disappointing as pulling them out in the office sweepstake. Scores: Home 3/10 | Away 3/10

Group H


Colombia | Firmly on the trend of adidas retrolicious kits, the Colombia home and away shirts are a bit Pro Evo and again, not a bad thing at all. Straight edges and bold colours. Strong effort. Some nations just dance a better dance when it comes to designs. Scores: Home 8/10 | Away 6/10


Japan | Another nation reaping the rewards of forever being on the receiving end of experimental kit designs. More straight-sided shapes on stunning graphic jerseys. Scores: Home 8/10 | Away 8/10


Poland | Just enough going on for them not to be boring, these. That oversized crest is strong as a Robert Lewandowski strike at goal. For that reason we're actually feeling the Poland home and away shirts and their lovely little diagonal graphic. Scores: Home 6/10 | Away 6/10


Senegal | Any brand with the cajones to stick a great big lion graphic on the front of a shirt deserves credit. Let's face it, if these were plain you'd have forgotten about them already. Scores: Home 4/10 | Away 4/10

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