A Dutch brand who have styled their look with football inspired threads, 'Lack of Guidance' have embraced the 2017 Women's European Championships with Nike for this bespoke photography editorial piece.

Being an Amsterdam based brand with a lot of fight and feeling compelled to help shine a light on the female game, this photography piece is creatively composed. A collaborative effort with Nike, the mission was a simple one in honouring the Women's National Football Team.

Giving further context to the editorial, the Lack of Guidance team explained; "Despite the fact that women get a lot less appreciation than men in football, they never stop fighting for their dream to get to the top. Inspired by this train of thought, we created an exclusive collection called ‘Zero Guidance’. Zero Guidance stands for winner mentality, not taking any directions and defining your own set of rules. For the editorial, we selected 11 women that possess this state of mind. By participating, they are showing full support to the women of the Dutch national football team."

"The Amsterdam Olympic Stadium is a place that carries a lot of history in women’s sports. The 1928 Summer Olympics that were held in this stadium was the first time women were allowed to compete in the Olympics. After finding a relevant shooting location, we commissioned a photographer that was well suited for the job. Lois Cohen always knows how to portray women in the right way. The female is an ongoing theme in her work."

A different angle to take on proceedings, the Women's European Championships is underway in Holland and off the back of a hugely successful World Cup in 2015, the stage is there for the taking. This collection is a series of one off pieces and won't be hitting the shelves but you can see more from Lack of Guidance, here.