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Kappa Kontroll Release 'Sidewalk Editorial'

Going the distance is visually telling a story, Kappa Kontroll have released their 'Sidewalk Editorial'. Billed as, "a story about three friends, hanging' in the streets", it showcases a collection that embraces sport through street style. Football tones through skate means.

Shot by Elliot Kennedy, the collection is most certainly vocal though subtle all the same. A lookbook set in London and travelling across the city, those classic touch points are embraced - the patterns of seats on public transport combine with the colourful collection and while this release is pinned to a Summer of 2017, the floral inclusion along with the raw, character heavy feel gives off a lot of charm. Naturally, the collection is an on point statement of beauty. A new generation of creative, embraced by those that re-invent the fashion landscape.

Some description

Streetwear style, some might say there's familiar football tones in the collection. Kappa's legacy with the game is strong though their re-emergence through an upswell in throwback cool may understate the significance they play. Through Kappa Kontroll, they have broken away from anything 'retro' and in turn set out to break inspired new ground. There may be tones inspired of Torino and rich reds that grab the eye but it's the tastebuds where this one goes to work. So much flavour, heaps of sass and all over shades of cool. What's not to like.


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