To celebrate the launch of the Brazil Copa America 100th Anniversary jersey, Nike recruited VariosCorre, a platform for Brazilian youth creativity, to co-create a special editorial in partnership with local youth talent from the São Paulo neighbourhood of Capão Redondo, that showcases the authentic Brazilian style.

100 years ago, Brazil hosted and won the Copa América for the first time in the history of the country, and to celebrate, Nike recently released the Brazil Copa America 100th Anniversary jersey. Bringing back the white colour that used to be on the Brazil football jersey back then, the “O TEAM BRASILEIRO” collection is used by VariosCorre as the creative collective beautifully capture the true identity of Brazilian communities.

Brazil Anniversary Lookbook Nike portraits_0009_1.jpg
Brazil Anniversary Lookbook Nike portraits_0008_2.jpg
Brazil Anniversary Lookbook Nike portraits_0007_3.jpg
Brazil Anniversary Lookbook Nike portraits_0006_4.jpg

The images are composed of stylists, rappers, dancers, psychologists, historians and piano teachers for a representation full of self-esteem and creativity, made of young and creative minds that look out for their communities with pride and a collective spirit. The editorial combines modern and retro trends through a disruptive but classic styling, which blends tailoring shapes with technological streetwear.

Brazil Anniversary Lookbook Nike portraits_0005_6.jpg
Brazil Anniversary Lookbook Nike portraits_0004_8.jpg
Brazil Anniversary Lookbook Nike portraits_0003_9.jpg
Brazil Anniversary Lookbook Nike portraits_0002_10.jpg

Perfectly expressing the crossover between fashion, football and streetwear, the project highlights how in Brazil, football is more than just a sport, it’s a lifestyle, and jerseys have become a symbol of urban culture on the streets across the country.

Brazil Anniversary Lookbook Nike portraits_0001_11.jpg
Brazil Anniversary Lookbook Nike portraits_0000_12.jpg

Direction & Production: ​VariosCorre (@varioscorres)
Creative, Photography & Film Director: ​Amanda Adász (@adaszz)
Project Manager: ​Elisa Gijsen (@babemana)
Executive Producer: ​Rafaela Andrioli (@rafaandrioli)
Styling:​ Samir Bertoli (@samirbertoli)

The full collection is available on and the Brazil National Football Team will debut the new kit on pitch in the first Copa América match against Bolivia in São Paulo.